need help running CNUT on Ubuntu

I can get CNUT to install. I installed it to /home. I cannot get the to run. Even in terminal, in the directory, as root. File permission is 775, executable. I get this error when i type the filename in terminal:
"bash: command not found"

I’m a total Linux newb so any help would be appreciated.
P.S. I am trying to open the right thing right??? That would be embarassing.
Love, Vince

If it has installed correctly all you need to do to start it is from command line sudo networkupdater

you need to type:

I know it’s an old thread, but I had the same problem on my ubunut laptop.

Turns out it was the “end of line” character needed to be swapped for each line. (Windows and unix/linux use different characters, though usually they don’t care.)

Simple matter of copying the character code that is at the end for “/n”. (Just copy after the last character of a line to the before the first character of the next line in GEdit and paste it into the replace menu. I think it was “/r/n” or something?)

Anyway, if that makes sense, should fix the problem.

Ah yes. Good ol’ CRLF, or "'r’n"

There is a script that will replace this junk called “dos2unix”. If not installed it should be in the repository.