Need help with Micro PoP

For the new Micro PoP 450, can a 450i SM connect to the PoP Access Point?

Yes, a 450i SM, can actually power the 450 MicroPoP via its AUX port.

The MicroPoP uses only ~9W of power (up to 12W), so a 30W PSU can easily accommodate both the 450i SM (using 18W) and the MicroPoP together.

It’s quite an elegant solution in this case, requiring only a single Ethernet cable run to the 450i SM, then only one cable connecting the AUX port of the 450i SM to the MicroPoP.

As far as the Air link, the 450b would be the radio linking to the PoP AP.Would the 450i SM link to the PoP AP

Yes all 450 products (on 15.2 or later) will connect to the PMP 450 MicroPoP. This includes all the SM flavors PMP 450, 450i and 450b.