Need help with PMTP 450i interference calculation

I’m trying to use Pathloss 5 interference formula for threshold degradation and looking for any of the following values both AP and SM to calculate receiver noise threshold:
a. T/I (Threshold to Interference)??
b. 3 dB carrier to interference C_I3dB measured at the 10-3 BER??

all i can find is the SNR values in the 450i user guide.
is there a way SNR is connected to T/I value or C/I at 3db?

The SNR value is the T/I value. You have to know what modulation level you consider to be the minimum performance you can accept on your system and that becomes the T/I level. For example, if QAM 64 is the minimum performance you want to allow on your system, then 22 dB SNR is the T/I threshold. As the network planner, you select this value. The BER calculation is not really applicable in a system that has rate adaption and retransmissions like the 450 system does. Typical PTP systems do not have a retransmission algorithm. I use Pathloss 5 all the time, but almost never for PMP systems.

Thank you for the answer. I assumed the same went ahead with SNR as the T/I at threshold. Just wanted to cover my basis and make sure that my assumption is not way off when the system goes in deployment.
I’m trying to do some coverage analysis through Pathloss5 and was doing some workaround on showing coverage plots as interference plots too.