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I upgrade my Prizm 2.0 to Prizm 3.0, everything works fine but the speed of the Prizm 3.0 is very slow. I open a view with all my SM (2000 cutsomer) and it take more than 20 minutes !!!With Prizm 2.1 it takes 3 minutes.

Can anybody help me!!


Pleas help me…

Reinstall Prism.

I installed Prizm 3.0 new, the Speed is now OK. But now I have another Problem, when I open a Subscriber Modul (8.1.5 Software) per Prizm 3.0 I cannot made changes!!
With a subscriber Modul (7.3.6 Software) there is no Problem to change something on the modul.
There are errors on the prizm 3.0 with letters (ö,ä,ü).

Thanks a lot.

What database are you running? What OS are you using?

Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system? (Please say 32-bit as it wont work with 64-bit)

Prizm shouldn’t be slow at all. Even with a decent amount of elements it should be fairly fast if optimized. I would recommend calling support or emailing support. Make sure you identify all software involved (OS, DB, LM, Java version).

When 64 bit version will be aviable?

Our prizm is slow also. Mysql process is taking 100% CPU all the time. And importing elements, it takes ages, even when we didn’t had problems with the database. Last Friday I started importing about 1000 SMs and on Monday it wasn’t finished. Before I go to a vacation I will import rest of the elements :slight_smile:

32 bit - Red Hat Enterprise.