Need high res picture of 900 MHz AP with integrated antenna

Hello all:

Does anyone have high res pictures (maybe the front and back) of a Canopy 900 MHz AP or SM with integrated antenna? I understand the AP and SM are the same size and look the same.

It only has to be high res enough that it will look pretty good when I print it out. Maybe one or two mega pixal jpg file will be good enough.

I need to be able to print it out and take it to some zoning regulator guy, who I hope will say I can put it up in my neighborhood.

Good pictures of the 900 MHz units with integrated antenna are as hard to find as hen’s teeth…LOL.

I called up Motorola Canopy technical section, but no one had a digital camera there to take a picture to email to me. The 900 MHz AP or SM units with integrated antennas on any web site that I can find, are not good quality pictures.

If you have one, that would be great.



where do you want me to send them?

Hi attitude:

Thank you so much.

Really appreciate your help,


on its way