Need setup help

Ok here is what I have encountered. I will be flying over to Guyana to try to help a friend set up his trail system. From what he told He had some engineers that do not seem to know what they are doing because after 2 months they cannot get a signal from the satellite dish. I am thinking that there might be a alignment problem but not sure. I will know more when I get there and might be able to call him to get the rest. Any ideas from what I have given you to what could be the problem? I know it is kind of vage.

You are correct: your description of the problem is vague. The first clarification you could make is if there is any Canopy equipment within this installation. Is the satellite dish you mention a Canopy reflector with a mounted Subscriber Module or Back Haul unit?

If you’re limited by incomplete secondhand knowledge, until rectified by travel you could suggest to your friend that he post a description of the installation and the problem on this forum. Your friend could also suggest to the engineers that they do the same. Either party could also call or email Motorola Tech Support.

I should warn you that one possible reason the engineers haven’t been able to make it work is that it can’t be made to work using whatever equipment they have and in whatever environment (RF and/or topological) they’re attempting to operate in. I’m a firm believer that anything can be made to work, that any problem can be solved. It is not, however, always cost-effective to do so.

Have a safe trip!

Things to check would be interference, Fresnel issues, basic configuration, and alignment.

For interference there is a built in spectrum analyzer. Use this to “listen” for other RF sources in the area. This should be done at both ends as one end may hear an interferer stronger than the other intended Canopy unit. For ease of explanation you want the green bars on the spectrum analyzer to be as far to the LEFT as possible. Choose the frequency that has the best results at both ends. This is the first and most important step. If there is in band interference you may never get the link to work. It all depends on the strength of your signal verses the strength of the interferer.

Second, is there anything in between the local and remote ends? You may be able to see the other end but remember that the Fresnel zone does NOT necessarily mean you can just see the other end. The shape of the Fresnel zone is like a stretched out egg.

Third, check that the same frequency is selected as well as the same color code. Last, I recommend a headset to help to align the units.

Thank you I am leaving tommorrow and will find some way to post what is going on.

I found out that he has the Canopy trial kit. 6 subscriber modules and 1 AP and 1 backhaul unit.

I hope he has 2 BH’s as 1 BH isnt going to be very useful. Also, I hope he wasnt trying to register the AP to the BH! Have a safe trip and keep us posted.