Need some help on some setup.

I'm running multiple ePmP 2000 Aps on a tower. I was wondering if anyone that's more knowledgeable about these things can help with a problem I'm having. Lately the throuput is in the trash. It'll show 20-30 megs on the wireless link test. But customer gets .5 or .7. I'm running 20 customers on 40mhz with the worst signal being a -71 dbm. How do I increase overall throuput. When I place them on a clean frequency they stay the same. If not do worse. Any help would be great.


We need much information on issue you have faced with to provide any advice.

I am talking refgarding Wireless Conditions, AP and SMs settings, Statistics from AP amd SM.

Could you please provide screenshots of Monitor Performance page from AP?

Thank you.

Can yuo share the spectrum ?

If your spetrum is really bad, I hint you to use 20 Mhz or less.

Anyway, as Fedor ask, we need more information to help you.