need something a bit stronger than M2 17DBi

Howdy folks. Its hot here!

I have a potential customer at 8.5 miles out. Trees surrounding home and in a slight valley from my tower.

I tried a M2 17DBi on a small pole on roof, but jitter/signal level bounces around (not usable).

Is there any other high-gain antenna I can use/try beside the antenna doubling device from M2? That thing is expensive on top of another 17 antenna.

Thanks all.

M2 has a kit that will allow you to stack 2 17s and get about 21dBi gain. We’ve used one and it works well, but you’re trying awfully hard at that point…

yah - I am aware of that device (see my above post) - just kind of wanted to find something a little cheaper.

Sorry, my fingers leapt ahead of my eyes. We have used an 18dBi antenna, bought a 10 pack in fact. We concluded that the performance was poorer than the M2 17s. Construction was also shoddy. I think we’ve pulled all of those at this point.

Use a 25’ mast to elevate the antenna above some of the tree line.

Charge the customer for the additional parts and labor or you will never get your money back.

How are you justifying charging the customer?

We outline a standard installation.

[list=]Radio mounted directly to eave or roof.
Cable run outside to computer or router.

Anything outside of that is a “non standard” installation and is billed at T&M.

Of course you need to weigh the value of the contract. You may want to spend more to get the customer connected.

Sounds good. We do the same but I’ve always just done repairs like antenna moves or upgrades (especially prevalent on the 900MHz stuff it seems) at no charge.

well in my case, the customer “was” using another WISP who was very close but giving them terrible service (they are not using Canopy). So they found out about us and dropped the other provider (before we had a chance to do a site survey).

So they found out about us and dropped the other provider (before we had a chance to do a site survey).

How is that your problem? Sounds like they were too quick on the draw.

I suspect they will pay more for an install as long as it works. Give them an out so there is no risk to paying the additional labor to get it to work.

If they won't pay more to make it work, walk away. They'll be back.

Thats sound advice.

Thanks Jerry - you have great advice.


Believe it or not the 15 DBi Parabolic Antenna works great in treed in locations. We use the M2 antennas also but when we get in a treed in area we break out the 15 DBi Parabolic Antennas. These antennas help a lot in these situations. Not to mention playing with the power level seams to help. The problem usually isn’t the receiving but the transmitting. When using to high of a power out put you create your own interference.

Also Jerry is right about lining out a standard install. Once we did this as Dish and Direct do we found another revenue stream believe it or not? People understand when explained up front what you will do for the Installation Charge and what is extra. I have them sign something before we even start work that explains the standard install and what it covers so if I have to charge more they understand with no problems.

If there is a nice tall pine tree you can always put the antenna high up that tree to clear all of the others.

just wanted to update on this topic:

I raised the antenna another 2 ft (was on a 8’ pole). Now I am getting a fairly decent signal with a 13db M2. Customer is happy so far.

customers previous WISP is just up the hill, probably 1/2 mile from the tower - running low-end 2.4 gear.

I am 8.5 miles and running CANOPY! :slight_smile:

I’m happy.

Ive used Katherin Scala parabolics that work great but come at a price. … groupId=54

From my experience, it is not worth dealing with a customer that needs more than a yagi and 10’ of pipe. I keep their info and let them know if we improve coverage in the area we will come back and retest at a later date. In the past I have put in 22’ masts. The install involves more cost and time. A few still ran into problems because the signal was marginal. Fortunately as we grow we are expanding our coverage and some of the customers with 22’ masts were switched to different towers with better signal leaving them with just a panel and getting rid of a highly visable/large setup for them and a headache for us.

You gotta ask yourself if it is worth it, they maybe a customer for 1 year or they maybe a lifelong customer that refers your service to many.