Need suggestion wireless Network

please  recommend wireless cambian Devices  for this facility.

Thank you for your post. I assume that you are looking for WiFi coverage indoors and outside.

Where will the event be locatied? Is there some source broadband somewhere at the main location?



It seems like you'll need either cnPilot E400 and some cnPilot E500s to cover teh outdoor areas.  As to how many and where you need it depends on how many users you have, the type of construction of the rooms and what kind of bandwidht you have coming in to the facility and what uplink and downlink speeds you want to provide. Depending on the signal strength relative to noise, you might even be able to mesh teh E500 outdoor to the E400 indoor.

note: We shortly have 802.11ac Wave 2 E410 APs coming out as well. so that might be an option in June.

You can also post the question to the regular forum as other members may have suggestion for this