Need suggestions for configs on routers on each side of AP's

I have the task of designing a network using canopy.
I was wondering if I can get examples of configurations between remote router across SM and router at AP site.

I will be coming into my AP site from my backbone router with fiber.
then I will connect my AP the my router, do I need to nat going across to my SM??

any help would be appreciated

This forum is more for feature suggestions to the canopy team - you should probably repost this in General or Prizm and Network Management.

That said, how large are you going? Just one AP? How many customers? What sort of service are you selling?

I work for a government agency and we are providing VoIP to remote offices. I would say 6 remode offices off of 1 AP

Canopy is pretty flexible in this regard - you should be able to extend your network infrastructure outwards using this gear. You may wish to look over the manual regarding the Hi Priority Channel w/ CIR for their VoIP traffic and use routers/switches/phones at the end that can set IP ToS or 802.1p and enable VLANs. There are quite a few options.

I would recommend against using NAT on SMs. It works okay for residential subscribers with no router of their own, but for any service greater than web surfing I would never use anything other than bridged mode. From what I can tell, SM NAT support has had a few interesting issues over different releases - on top of NAT’s inherent issues with VoIP, VPNs, and of course remote administration.

I just tested VoIP over the canopy and during my phone calls I got intermittant Voice cut outs. It was random. Other wise my phone calls were clear and not problem.

Do you have any recommendations?