need to Backhaul 50miles over water

Ok guys any suggestions/experiences.

Canopy or Orthagnol, what size dish do I need ? any cheats hacks, advice.

I will roughly be about 1500ft above sea level on both sides.

I got trained by orthogon but have only used motorola. The hardware is the same. I have 2 shots at 70+ miles using a 4 ft dish on each end with a duel polerized feed. Over land. Dont know if it helps mutch.

sounds promising, can you give me more details of the hardware and where I can get it from please.

when i get to the shop in the am I will. I have a dish still in the crate. FYI on the same mt i have an intigrated link that is 7.3 miles. both units target recieve mod is 64QAM 7/8 17.32 Mbps. rx data rate is 17.32 Mbps and tx data rate is 17.32 Mbps. for comparison the connectorized units link is 72.5 miles target recieve mod is 64QAM 7/8 14.86 Mbps downlink rate is 14.86 Mbps Uplink is 10.24 Mbps. I have tried to get that 10 up to 14 but on that tower i have 4 or 5 other 5.7 20mb bh’s so the spectrum is pretty full and i am sure that is why.

VJ the dish i used is s TriPoint Global QFD4-52 4 ft Dual Polarized 34db gain. The Tessco part no is 470396.

On one of the ends you NEED to have spatial diversity, meaning have two dishes, one for each polarization with separation between the two dishes. On the other end one dish is fine. It made a world of difference for me, my longest over water shot is 22 miles and I’m seeing 99.998% quality on the link @17.32 Mbit (over a 6 months period; without the spatial diversity we were getting 98% quality link). Go with Orthogon gear too they are MUCH better support. In case you were asking about Canopy backhauls, they were completely ineffective on this same link, FSK and water don’t mix very well. What does your path look like on this, will the water get into any of the relevant fresnel zones? I’d go with 6 ft dishes on it with 50-100 ft of spatial separation, with that you should get close to 99.999% uptime. Orthogon has a really nice link estimator tool.

What motorola products are you guys using with these. I have a need for distance.