need your help: about AP 20 question

I have not SM 20, only have 2 AP 20,so I upgrade AP 20 to Fireware 7.1.4.
I want to set one AP 20 to SM 20,for AP can be set to SM 20.But there are something happen:
1.The throughput of AP 20 is still as AP, about 6.2Mbps;
2.The AP 20 which is set to SM 20,usally can’t be access by Web ;
3. I do the change,set the other AP 20 to SM 20,the same thing as step 2 .
Why is they?
How can I continue to do the AP 20 test,and how can I get the throught about 14Mbps?

It’s urgent and important case,because there is a bid,the end user need to >12MBps throughput .Thank you very much.

APs and SMs operate at 10mbps, with 6 or 7mbps effective shared throughput. Back Haul units, however, are available in 10, 20, and 45mbps.

What settings on the AP and SM are you changing to attempt to get higher throughput?

Is AP 20, not AP 10

I’m not familiar with the AP20. I’m not aware that it’s available in the USA.

Perhaps Canopy Support could clarify this for me, as well as help you with your problem.

AP 20 is a new canopy product.Maybe it is now avilable in USA.I have already get it in Asia.

I would assume you are referring to Advantage AP’s & Advantage SM’s, is that correct?

Are you trying to use an AP in SM mode to perform your test to another Advantage AP?