Nema/IP Rating for Canopy AP & SM

Hi all,

I am proposing the installation of a 2.4GHz Canopy Multipoint system for a client in Kuwait.

They are asking me what the Nema/IP rating is for the AP and SMs.

I have looked in all the manuals, data sheets and cannot find this info anywhere. I have found a link: … PUBLIC.pdf
Page 123 to a City of San Franciso document indicating that the Canopy enclosures are Nema 4 and IP 56 rated, but can’t see anything on Moto site.

any help would be appreciated


Help anyone?

I don’t recall ever seeing anything regarding the NEMA rating.

I’ve talked to my supplier, and he can’t recall ever seeing anything either. He is taking the question higher up to see if he can find an answer for me.

I’d venture a guess that it is NEMA3 or NEMA4

Link talking about different NEMA ratings…

I don´t think, enclosure of AP/SM/BH10_20 have a IP-classification because they are not sealed. When you open the cover there is no sealing in there, because of air circulation.

I followed the link and for my opinion, the modules are NEMA 3S or 4. But I don´t know, if Motorola ever classified those NEMA ratings.

I’d call pre-sales support and ask them directly.