NetDecision 3.6 has been released

NetDecision 3.6 (Windows-based Network Management System) has been
released. New release carries major enhancements in Network Manager,
TrapVision, TrapVision Management console as well as many bug fixes and script language enhancements.

Release Notes:

Bug fixes

- MIB Browser SNMP MIB table retrieving algorithm has been fixed and
now properly handles tables that are different from MIB definition.
- SNMP Agent Simulator capturing/recording algorithm has been improved
to handle tables that are different from MIB definition.
- FtpListFiles script function has been improved to provide additional
file information like filesize and last modification time
- FtpGet script function has been fixed and now supports more FTP
servers (even non standard compliant)
- Trap Handlers configuration window in TrapVision and Network Manager
now supports unlimited number of handlers and does not slow down when
number of trap handlers is significant
- SnmpSet, SnmpGet and SnmpGetNext script functions have been fixed and
now properly handle retries and timeout.

New features
- You can change log level in TrapVision which prevents log from
growing fast.
- TrapVision Management Console allows now to view traps within the web
browser window
- TrapVision Management Console allows now to retrieve different
reports from remote TrapVision and group traps by type, source and
- New “Act as button” property in Network Manager makes an element to
act as button. If this option is enable when user double-clicks on this
element the specified document will be opened in separate window.
- Gauges in Network Manager. Gauges are a special type of graph that
depict a single data value, and classify that value as belonging to a
predetermined range. Typically, a gauge is used to indicate the status
of a data value and if that data warrants some kind of action. For
example, a gauge can be used to indicate whether CPU usage is
extraordinarily high. The following types of Gauges are available in
Network Manager: Instrument Gauge, Speedometer Gauge, Circular Gauge
and Level Gauge.
- Indicators. Using indicators allows you to display the value of
element’s custom attributes within the Network Manager view.
- New graphical primitives: rectangle + text and ellipse + text. These
elements display the severity of the element together with important
textual information (custom attribute(s) values)
- New traps handling mechanism that allows the user to analyze trap
data, dispatch (assign to any logical or physical element) traps based
on information retrieved from PDU and customize actions.
- Predefined traps handling actions:
-Forward to other destination(s)
-Send e-mail
-Log to a file
-Record to a database
-Execute external command
-Play WAV sound
-Send SysLog message
-Write to Event Log
-Custom handler

- New type of custom attribute - formula, an expression that allows to
calculate attribute value based on the values of other attributes. This
expression is composed using NetDecision script language. Values of
other custom attributes are addressed in this expression by name. For
example expression “(ifInOctets+ifInOctets)800.0/(ifSpeed5)”
calculates network interface utilization.

- Improved Copy/Paste functionality that allows copying topology tree

Script languge improvements
- New function: GetOidByName. Restores MIB variable OID from variable
name using previously loaded MIB(s).
- New function: TextToSpeech. This function speaks the contents of the
given text string.
- New function: FormatTime. Converts the date and time value into
formatted string.
- New function: ConvertToUnixTime. Parses a string containing date and
time and returns the integer value representing unix time (number of
seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970).

30-day evaluation version is available for download: