Does anyone have any experience with Netflix running on a 900mhz system??? Seems to me you would not want cusotmers using this type of service because it needs sustained 1.7 meg download speed for up to two hours???

Any thoughts??

I am really interested in hearing how providers are dealing with the larger than ever demand for data because of applications like this. These video applications are what keeps me away from starting my own WISP. I really don’t know how you guys can make money at this?


I don’t have Netflix clients but I do have Apple TV users. I think it’s the same thing. If the user only has 256 or 384 Kbps that’s all he will get, it will take longer to download the movie or show, but the result is he will have a good chunk of the bandwidth taken for a good time.

One can’t fight that, bandwidth is getting cheaper, distributing it via wireless gets less productive, DSL, where available does not feel that effect.

This one can’t be won, it’s the future!

We are starting to see the effects of this type of usage by our clients. :frowning:

We would hate to do so, but the only way that we can see to try and control this would be to put into effect some kind of limit on actual data transfer. Any site will get so much data transfer per day. If they exceed that they will be done for the day, etc. It’s the only way we can see to keep this kind of usage down.

We may loose some clients (although I doubt it because we are in a rural area and the only game is us or satellite). But it is also a handful of our clients that are doing this and affecting the other 75% of the client base, so we will have to do something about it.