netgear icmp destination unreachable

im getting every netgear router on my network which is 15 responding and/or forwarding a icmp storm to a broadcast. its eating up enough of my network resources to upset my customers. any idea what would cause a netgear router to that vs linksys/dlink? I cant seem to find a source request that would cause these guys to respond. how would i eliminate this?

if someone is interested i can send ethreal logs.



If you are running firmware 7.2.9, if not upgrade to it on the SM/AP side, go into your SM’s config page then into Advanced Network Configuration, and check off the option that mentions multicast, also checking off the DHCP server and network nieghbourhood wouldn’t hurt. The problem that you are describing is an icmp storm that is caused by 1 single igmp mulicast packet. If you look deep enough into the packets with ethereal you will see this.

This should stop the stray igmp packet from hitting those routers, I have also seen this happen on D-Link’s, Linksys, as well as netgear routers. It seems to happen more with entery level routers.

NOTE: Remember to set this on all of the SM’s, otherwise you could get a storm of icmp, not as large but it can still happen.

Aaron Babitzke
MBSI Canada Ltd