Network Access Rights-FTP and Remote Assistance

Hello and Thanks in Advance

After a new SM was setup (we switched brands to Canopy), I lost the ability to:
[using- OS:WinXPsp2 ; Router:Linksys ; SM with Ver. 8.1.4 software]
- ftp from explorer (I can web ftp and use ftp type programs, but I’d like to know what’s actually causing the blockage)
- remote assistance invitations can not find each other after they are initiated from msn messenger or remote assistance manager

My questions:
- What would cause those 2 abilities to stop?
- Is it nothing more then a simple setting?
- I’ve dropped my firewall and shut off the protection to the router. What about the SM though?

PC(local dhcp) -> Router(set ip) -> SM(10.x.x.x) ----> AP 6 cluster -> etc.

[Edit: This post has been here awhile now. Does canopywireless NOT know what’s doing this? Is this type of question only answered if I Call?]

Thank You,