Network connectivity dropping

Equipment used:
AP: PMP450m 5Ghz
SM: PMP450b High-Gain, PMP450b Mid-Gain
CPE: Netcomm Modem/Router NF10WV

Firmware: 16.2 for all devices

Background: New to Cambium and have recently started upgrading our Ubiquiti AC equipment to the PMP450 Medusa.

Issue: Several clients are reporting the same issue of having to reboot CPE several times a day as the internet is dropping out. When we check on our end everything appears to be normal, the SM arent showing any issues, the CPE showing online, though customer has no internet. we can access the CPE remotely until any modem option is altered and we lose access to the CPE UI, but the connection is still reporting as online. Client reboots CPE and the connection is restored.

Troubleshooting we have attempted:
Initially we treated this as a CPE issue, replacing the CPE to have the issue reoccur, we then have replaced the power supplies, had cables checked and tested, ends re-terminated, replaced the SM. the issue keeps recurring.


Sorry to hear about the trouble. I have forwarded this to our support and product teams.


Have you opened a support ticket? Our support staff will collect the required information to help you in a more meaningful way. It's tough to troubleshoot this sort of issue without having a lot of detailed information about your network setup and configuration.

Are you using NAT on the SM? I agree very hard to debug here over the forum.

I'm not aware of any issues like this in 16.2 on 450m 5 GHz. However, 16.2 was mostly targeting CBRS release. But either way maybe try on your APs and SMs and see if it has any impact on your issue?

Thanks for the responses.

I have a ticket open with support and they are having a look into it.

I have seen something that seems similar in our PMP450i network.

The problem only occurred for one particular type of CPE. Traffic would stop flowing and the CPE MAC would disappear from the bridging table (Statistics --> Bridging Table).

We resolved the problem by explicity adding the customer VLAN ("VLAN Membershjip Configuration" on the VLAN Configuration tab) instead of relying on Dynamic Learning.


We believe we have found the cause. It appears to have been the cable ends we were using. 

We discovered after a few days on a new connection, that positioning the cable at an angle into the radio the connection would be stable. We replaced the ends with standard rj45 ends and the connections appear to be stable.

The ends we were using were Ubiquiti Tough Connectors. 

That being said we do have significantly more connections with the toughconnectors, which arent experiencing any issues. Perhaps a bad batch.


I just want to thank you for updating this post. Often operators solve their problems, and the root cause may not be something that is readily found or top of mind.

By you posting this, it may be something that others face, and your follow-up gives them another avenue to check... even though cable continuity tests may show no fault, sometimes the connector seating into the receptacle can cause issues. I have seen this in some cases as well, but obviously wasn't the first thing that comes to mind with the symptoms you described.

So, again, the community thanks you for the time you took to follow up!