network junk

couple things…

come peak hours if i ping from my main office (where my ds3 is) to a server inside my canopy network i get 300-500ms response times (pc,switch,orthogon 30meg bh,main ap cluster,server)…if i ping from that same server to the accesspoint site before the main backhaul i get 2-5ms…that would basically tell me that my 30 meg backhaul isnt enough. however i only have a 13meg pipeline that is running @ ~15%usage @ peak hours.

i see a lot of arp traffic on my internal network…is it possible that this is saturating my internal backhauls?

I also blocked smb and multicast on all my SM’s and now im getting complaints from the customers using voip. would either of those protocols affect the performance of voip? or is this related to my first problem?

I know nothing about the Orthogon gear, so you might want to chase Canopy up on any RF issues you may have there.

As far as layer 2 & 3 traffic…

Can you get a Ethereal capture on the segments you are concerned about?

If you aren’t running a Cisco switch w/ the port-mirroring capabilities, you may consider putting a hub in-line w/ your traffic during a maintenance window. Then just plug your laptop into the same hub and do an Ethereal traffic capture.

Another option would be to do the same, but use NTOP ( to see what’s going on in your network.

I would recommend capturing traffic via configuring a port mirror if your switch is managed. The “put a hub inline” method is a hack, and can only be done during maintenance windows…unless you like collisions in your network…

Good luck!