Network looping out with 2 SM equiped customer

Hello everyone,

We have a VLAN customer that currently employs 4 SM’s one at their main office and 3 more at their branch stores. We recently added a 4th store to the same VLAN and realized the SM on their main office main not able to keep up with the bandwidth demand of all stores moving traffic at the same time.
The main office radio (5.2) is transmitting at 7Mbps (3.5/3.5) the other 3 radios are set to 2Mbps each (1/1)

What we did to balance the load was to install a new SM (2.4) at their main office connected to another AP. Both this SM and the 4th store connect to the same AP. We created the VLAN at the AP itself and it worked just fine just until we connected the Ethernet cable to the main office switch along with the existing 5.2 SM.

We have created 2 different VLAN ID for this customer, one for the main office and the first 3 stores and a second one for the main office and the new 4th store segment.

We had all kinds of collisions and later realized that the management ID in all our network is the same so the network looped itself.

Each AP has its own subnet; Management VID is 1 in the entire network, we have no routers just managed switches.

I hope I have detailed what our problem is. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Should be as simple as tossing a switch in at the customer’s prem and eating VLAN 1, probably just let spanning tree work its magic, so that if one SM goes down you can still get management access to the switch.

That totally make sense. We’ll try that this week.
Thanks for you input.