network not stable

Dear All,
I work as a network technician and i do have a canopy network and lately i started having problems , my clients complain some pages cant open on their browser, i thought i was a browser thing and tried to check if my network had any problem but it not so. I changed my DNS just to make sure it was not on my network still the network is not stable, the internet connection comes on and off and though , i can ping my DNS and websites but it do not still open web pages. i really dont if it is with my canopy network or problem with my DNS or problem with the internet explorer browser.
Do anyone have a solution to my problems or can anyone help me
worried abraham

There are a number of things that can cause this type of behavior.

1. Denial of Service Attack on your router or DNS server(s).

2. Network Broadcast Storms (very common) - confirm that all of your SM’s are either running in NAT mode, or if they are in Bridge mode, turn on the following filters in the Advanced Network Configuration Page:
- SMB (Network Neighborhood)
- Bootp Client
- Bootp Server
- IPv4 Multicast (this one in particular)

3. Connectivity issues with your provider

4. Failing network device.

5. Corrupted Bridge Tables in the CMM’s, AP’s, Switches, Router.
- Try rebooting each AP, then the CMM, then the BH’s, then the switches, then the router to rebuild the bridge tables

6. Bad radio link on a BH

Two questions: Are you using NAT in the SMs? If so, have you upgraded to 8.1.4? If the answer to both those questions is yes, downgrade back to v7.3.6 right away.

If the answer to either of those questions is no, you may want to start with tracerouting various locations and seeing if you can find any connectivity problems. Do you see this issue at your head end? If so, you can rule out the Canopy gear.

Good luck, Abraham!

I blame it all on IE7.

On a serious note (if that wasn’t serious?), I’d be interested in seeing if this is happening on your wired network also…