Network Traffic on Super Bowl Sunday

WISPs have shared  graphs showing network usage spikes during the Ice Hockey Olympic finals last year. Now, NBC has announced that they will stream 11 hours of NFL programming on Super Bowl Sunday. What can WISPs expect from their networks, and what should be done to prepare for the crush?

Share your ideas, and of course, we are looking forward to seeing your network spikes on Game Day.

Let us  know about the load on your network during the game.

We actually saw a 5% drop over the previous two sundays.  To be fair, we had one tower site crippled from 8pm to 10pm, only passing 50-60mbps during that time but 90+mbps just before and just after.  (the 'just after' was when I rebooted a router 300ft up the tower - we're replacing it today)  But if that tower had kept to a usage curve similar to others during that time we still would have been just about the same as last two sundays, maybe still a little down.

If I had to, I'd guess that many viewers wanted it on a big screen, and couldn't accomodate that with the NBC stream.


I know this is an old thread, but we (Southern Illinois,Western Kentucky) lost reception of the super bowl completely several times this year. The local affiliate was down because of transmitter issues and DirecTV, Dish, Mediacomm, and Commcast trap the signal off-air so they were black as well. We suprisingly didn't see a big spike in usage.