Network updater tool

Hi There,

I’m having some difficulties reinstalling the network updater tool. I’ve deleted the folder some time ago and now when I try and Install it I get the following error.

A previos installasion was detected on this system.
Please uninstall this version before executing setup again.

I’ve tried removing all files from the computer that might be related to the updater tool and even tried removing all entrys from my registry that might be link to this, but the results stayd the same.

What check are runned by die installer before actaul installment?

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Are you using Windows? If so you need to clear the Windows Registry for the Uninstaller Keys.


Search for Updater. It should select a Folder called:

Full path to the key to delete:

Delete the above key. The installer should work after that.

We do have an uninstall feature available from the Control Panel->Add/or Remove Programs.

HI There,

Thanks a million for the quick reply, It’s working perfectly now. About the uninstall function , I think I might have screwed something up some where since the feature were unavaileble to me through add/remove programs.

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