Networks - Tower Display


Could I please request that when selecting a Tower through Manage -> Networks _> Tower that it not only shows the Product, Name, Status and SM's connected that it also shows the Freq and Channel width in use.

I have attached a picture of the page I am talking about.

Yes I am aware that these are viewable in other area's but for quick checks this would be ideal.  :)



Yes, thanks for the suggestion.  We will do that.

We already have this information

Go to  Manage -> Networks -> Tower and select Statistics instead of dashboard, on that screen you can filter device type if you want to see all AP/SM/WiFi (you can select different column filter from the grid right corner ICON)

Attach screenshot


With all due respect Rupam,

By this logic there would be nothing to display on the dashboard page at any level as all the information there can be found elsewhere.  It's a matter of what the fundamental purpose of the dashboard is.  I think, maybe incorrectly, that it is supposed to be a single pane of glass "Status At A Glance" display.  Maybe you want to avoid adding one thing as then someone else requests something else and so on.  Maybe put out a survey of how the operators/monitors eventually purchasers would like to use the tool.  Certainly with the reports soon to be a fee service, there should be input requested as to how the data should be exported.  There isn't one report that I don't have to move the columns around so I can see the data the way I want.  Maybe I'm the only one.

This is not to say that cnMaestro isn't a useful tool and getting more so with each release.  While I know priorities must be imposed, sometimes making a cosmetic change here and there goes a long way to enhance the perceived and by extension the actual usefulness of a tool.  

Thanks again for all the team's efforts!


Hi Luis

We are working on some re-design of our Dashboard and will try our best to incorporate the feedback we received from all of you to give the best user experience.