New 900 Mhz installation

We’re planning on starting out with Canopy 900 Mhz equipment in the next couple of months. I know with other projects we often have the “we should have have done this when we started or if we had known we could have done this differently” type scenarios.

So my questions is to anyone that has currently deployed 900 mhz equipement, are there things that we should be doing as we begin rolling out this service to customers that we might not be thinking of now? Things that maybe you didn’t do but wish you would have as you began?

any input will be appreciated.

Use shielded cable at your site.

Read most posts in the latest few pages of the forum; it’ll give take some time but it’ll give you many ideas. With 900mhz there’s lots of interference from portable phones, which you need to check for; I’ve even seen 100%-down-to-40% linktest results from neighbours’ phones, when I had a quite directional 17dbi yagi pointed to the AP. And the NLOS only works until a few miles away from the tower. Also using vertical polarization isn’t a great idea due to all the 900mhz devices around which use it.