New 900 Mhz Yagi antennas from KP Performance Antennas

Hi Guys

I have been asked to let you guys know when our newly designed yagi antennas are available in the US and in Canada.

Here are a few things we have done to improve our design.

• New polyester baked on powder coating 5 year Guaranteed no Fade. (Much better then an anodized finish)
• No rivets holding the directors in place on the boom of the yagi
• Standard Double U bolt mount with ¼ inch hardware with 7/16 nut (All Stainless Steel)
• Dipole has been designed for easy connection with the N connector and weather proofing
• Ends of our yagi antennas have been capped to stop unwanted moisture and wind noise
• Fit between our two piece unit is very tight and will not sag Guaranteed
• All hardware is stainless steel
• 100 percent Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We now have two locations to deliver our products to you,

Dallas Texas, USA

Edmonton Alberta, Canada

We are now offering free samples to qualified clients for a limited time only. If you’re interested please go to our web site and check out our new and improved Black Beauties.

We have increased the value of our yagi antennas but we have not increased the price! We think we have the best yagi antenna on the market we challenge you to try them and you’ll see, not only for the price but quality and performance.

Please go to our website and check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for your time

Ken Caird
Operations Manager
KP Performance Antennas

“Engineered & Manufactured Antennas To Exceed Industry Standards”

I just got a 5 pack of your new antenna’s these are amazing antenna’s!!
they cost just a little more then a super stinger and and leave the M2 in the dust
I have a old model also of the KPP 17db antenna has been installed for a year and it has not sagged the M2’s how ever have, I have been having to swap M2’s out for KPP antennas

KPP also dose not have the water problem the M2’s Have and
we don’t have to Rig up mounts any more
the KPP’s come with vary nice mounts

if anyone has not tried this antenna GET THE FREE 1!!
you will fall in love with this antenna!!

we use these antennas down here in nova scoita and the out perform anything else we have tried at a fraction of the cost.this is not a plug for the company these damm things rock they are all we use.all. if you can’t do an install with these then it just can’t get done.and thats not even this new design i can’t wait to get my hands on that just have to finish off the last 100 we bought.