New AP Antenna for 3Ghz

I’m working on some deployment plans for 3Ghz gear and would like to use the KP KPPA-3GHZ-DPOMA Omni Antenna with the 450i. Is there an official way to request this antenna be added to the AP Antenna List?

In some older threads, I saw it mentioned that an excel file with the appropriate data could be submitted. Does Cambium have a blank version of this excel that could be shared in order to facilitate new models being added with the appropriate data?


Please contact us on to discuss this further. As you are looking for an omni antenna, if it is reasonably flat in the azimuth pattern we may be able to add it just from the 2D patterns, such as the NSMA standard format. Ideally we still need these for both antenna ports and at 100 MHz intervals across the frequency band.


Any Chance of getting anything other than the integrated antenna in there for the 450i 3ghz? KP KPPA-3GHZDP90S-45 would be a nice option, but even a cambium antenna would be nice

thats odd, its letting me select the cambium antenna now, it wasnt