New CnMaestro Cred Level: View + Reboot SU/Router Only

We need a new credential level for CnMaestro. Maybe it could be called Tech Support. We need it to be view only, with the exception that the user would have the ability to send a reboot command to subscriber units and end user routers. Right now our frontline tech support relies on engaging with a higher level of support every time they need to reboot an SU without a person on prem that can help them. We have elderly folks, folks with mobility challenges, or lets face it, customers who just don’t feel like rebooting that we work with every day whose trouble could be solved with a quick click but we can’t give our folks that access without giving them the ability to accidentally hit the wrong power icon on the same page and rebooting a 108 sub medusa during prime time. Sure, we could train really really well- we could make little walk throughs and signs and yell at people. We just don’t want the possibility to be there anyway because we understand people are human and in a hurry all the time and filling out the after action report is a pain.

Cambium needs to give the main admin access to a list of options and allow the main account holder to build their OWN custom access levels and maybe include some presets for convenience. I have said it for years, but they never listen.


That would be fantastic. Everyone has teams with different skill sets that are largely by design and based on size and resources. Customer access levels would be awesome.

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Yeah agreed though I’d like a much more nuanced style checkbox style or even aws policylist style where we can really drill down exactly what a tech helper can do and see on cnMaestro.

I run into this all the time and have had external auditors question some of the policy levels that are given to people given their roles.

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