New Epmp 2.4 going up

Well, I have all my new epmp gear. I run a small shop of about 60 clients. Looking to expand that with the new gear. Currently running 3 ubnt 120 degree 2.4 sectors  with shields that are really struggling. I have 2 900 mhz 450i ap's with about 13 clients on them now and will be putting up my epmp 2.4 gear on Tuesday weather permitting, feeling excited.

I have decided not to use wifi mode and just change everyone out the same day or early the next day. Clients know the change is coming. 

I am a little confused on the settings for frequency reuse. is it asking if the reuse is coming from the back of the sector or front, so if I have 4 sectors my reuse settings should all be from the back correct?

I am going to document my install and signal settings/speeds and noise so others  can see the difference between epmp and ubnt in 2.4 

I will also be powering the ap's up with a ubnt tough switch pro using 48v, I have garage tested this and it works fine. 

Also any gotchas to look out for? I will be using a mixture of integraded, force 200's and connectorized radios  changing out the power supplys on the clients and not using the current ubnt supply because we have very cold winters. 


Hi pgator17,

The "Front Sector" and "Back Sector" setting under Configuration->Radio->Frequency Reuse applies to each pair of back-to-back radios. For example, if you have four sectors at 90 degrees each - North, South, East, West, the North and South are a pair and the East and West are a pair. You set the North as "Front Sector" and the South as "Back Sector" or vice versa. Similarly you set the East as "Front Sector" and the West as "Back Sector" or vice versa.  

This setting will ensure the back-to-back APs don't self interfere with each other in a frequency reuse configuration. Also remember that in order to frequency reuse you will need the sector antenna to have a F/B ratio of > 30 dB which the Cambium sectors provide. 

There are many customers on this forum who have used 2.4 GHz ePMPs successfully (Chris and ninedd immediately come to mind because they are huge proponents of the 2.4 GHz band :)). So hopefully they will chime in with any gotchas from their experience.

Hope this helps and good luck with your installs!



Thanks for the info, I do have all  cambium gear include sector antennas. 

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