New ePMP course - ePMP: GPS Synchronization

We are always trying to get more out of our networks. ePMPs GPS Synchronization, which is the timing synchronization to the GPS pulse, allows the ability for extensive frequency reuse. Take this course and learn the impact of ePMP GPS Synchronization

ePMP: GPS Synchronization


how do you setup an account for this training?  I've got my guys registered in the cambium college, but our logins don't work on that screen. 



The Cambium College IDs should work. However, if they don't please click “Redeem Key” on the login page and enter Public2018. Answer the questions to create a Cambium Learning user profile and then you can access all the courses. If you have issues, please contact and we will be happy to get is sorted out. 

I had the same issue, so I just went the Training website with all the courses, and found it there under ePMP

Sorry about that - fixed the link.