New ePMP Release 2.3.1 now available!

WARNING: Please exercise caution before upgrading to this release. Please see details in the post below. 

ePMP System Release 2.3.1 is now official. You can download it here

Please take a moment to review the Release Notes and refer to the User Guide for help on the new features. 

The Release adds the following features:

RFC1213 Support

RFC1213 supports standard interface MIBs. Items such as Ethernet interface Tx/Rx and corresponding stats are now supported per the standard RFC. This allows users to utilize 3rd party monitoring tools that support RFC1213

Seperate Management IP when SM is in NAT mode

Separate Wireless Management IP will provide the ability to separate User traffic from Management Traffic when the SM is configured in NAT mode providing separate management access to the SM.

ARP table display

Displays all the ARP entries for interfaces present in the routing table

VoIP helper functionality under NAT

When the SM is in NAT mode, ePMP inspects SDP packets and automatically creates appropriate NAT port mapping for RTP. This eliminates the need for STUN functionality on the SIP Server and allows VoIP to work seamlessly in NAT mode.

Ability to disable or change  the default IP


OID Name OID Description
networkLanDefaultIP . Default Network IP



config set networkLanDefaultIP

config save

config apply


config set networkLanDefaultIP

config save

config apply

WARNING: Please exercise caution before upgrading to this release.

We have recieved reports that after upgrading the AP to 2.3.1, Web GUI and ssh access is not available if you are not on the same subnet as the AP. If you have already upgraded your AP to 2.3.1 then please access the APs management interface from the same subnet. Downgrade to Release 2.3 if necessary. 

Management access to the SM does not appear to be impacted at this time. 

We're currently investigating the problem and we will provide updates as we find out more. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.