New ePMP sectors dirty/used looking

Bought a 3000 sector recently and I opened it up it looked like it had dirty fingerprints all over it and some kind of marks/stains on the back (pics attached but the dirty shroud part doesn't show well in the pics).   So I called the company we got it from (large well known wireless reseller) and explained that I had received what appeared to be a used sector.  Sent them pictures and they sent me a new sector.  

Meanwhile I just opened a 2000 sector I had received about 2 months ago, I'm pretty sure I ordered it from the other large distributor we use but I haven't looked yet, and it also looks like it has dirty fingerprints all over it and some staining of some kind on the back. 

Today I received the replacement 3000 sector and opened it up and while the back of the antenna looks fine the white shroud appears to have dirty fingerprints and smudges all over it.

    I mean I don't care about the dirty fingerprint stuff but since these are going on towers where it is not easy, quick nor cheap to replace them and worst of all it causes unhappy customers, I'm concerned abou what is going on here.

   I don't remember opening the first 3000 sectors we got but I'm pretty sure they did not have packing tape run the length of the opening part of the box making me think at some point there was a lot of water/moisture that damaged the original box and someone is re-packaging not completely dry antennas into new boxes and the stains/dirty look is from the cardboard on damp antenna.

Thanks for highlighting this. We will make sure its not something on Cambium's end.