[New Feature - 4.7.1] Seamless Channel Switching

Platforms: All ePMP AC platforms
Firmware versions: 4.7.1 and newer

Switching AP to a different channel always caused disconnection of all Subscriber Modules for ePMP platforms that led to services interruption for customers. Sometimes it could take up to 3-5 minutes to reconnect back to the AP depending on how many frequencies are configured in the scanning list on SM.

The Seamless Channel Switching feature is implemented starting 4.7.1 firmware that brings no disruption of Internet access for end users when the operator needs to change Channel Bandwidth or Primary Frequency on the AP.

The new feature is available on AC devices in TDD and TDD PTP modes only.
It is enabled by default and no actions are required from user for the configuration.


@Fedor will this feature be making it’s way into 5.x at some point soon, as well?

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Yes, it will be extended to AX platforms as well, but not in the next release yet.
Thank you.


is this the beginning of secondary channel auto select for non-DFS channels?

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Hi Fedor, excellent news!!!
How it should work? prior to change the frequency or bw, the AP announce to the SM?
Should this work in AP AC with mixed SMs AC and N?


AP announces the new Frequency Carrier and Bandwidth that it’s going to switch to and SM is following it.
The function is supported on AC platforms only so far.

Thank you.



You mention it is available on AC devices - I understand if this is only available for AC and newer APs. I’d like to request, however, that it is made available for mixed SMs as @Alessio_Garavano asked. Either way, it is nice to see this feature now available.

Thank you, Chris


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