New Firmware R12.1.2

New PMP 450 software has been released today.


It is highly recommended that you upgrade all PMP 450 radios to this latest firmware when possible. It takes care of a couple of bugs that were recently discovered and corrected. Please see the release notes: … tag=pmp450

Also, please see the FSB posted in the general forum:


Any questions, please ask…

I’m seeing an issue with this firmware and am curious as to whether or not anyone else is seeing it.

AP at 12.1.2
SM at will not register
SM at 12.1.1 will not register

We’ve seen this with about 20 SM’s so far, but there are some that register to the AP’s with no problems. These are SM’s that were working when everything was at 12.1.1.

NOTICE: We recently found an issue with this software load (again). There is an FSB regarding this posted HERE.

We removed this version from the site and will be posting a R12.1.3 (Monday), which has a fix for this issue.

Software Release 12.1.3 has now been posted to the website.

It is strongly recommended that all PMP 450 equipment be upgraded to this latest version immediately.