New Firmware release version available

The latest Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi release is now available in cnMaestro. Firmware are also uploaded on the support site at following locations -

Issues fixed in System Release

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-11648 All RADIUS session-time larger than 2,147,483,647 seconds was not handled properly.
FLCN-11604 All Configured rates not applied for non-base VAPs.
FLCN-11176 All Mesh network did not work when PSK was enabled.
FLCN-10481 All Sometimes data stall issue was observed when clients roam between APs.
FLCN-11274 All The wireless clients did full 802.1X EAP authentication with RADIUS server during roaming.

Did someone forget to add a download for cnMaestro?

@PFR sorry for the inconvenience, we have fixed the issue. Please could you check now


fixed :slight_smile: able to download :slight_smile:

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