New GPS puck for ePMP 1000?


I read in some threads about a new GPS puck for the ePMP 1000, similar to the one you ship with ePMP 2000, which supports GLONASS. Is that true?

Is it possible to buy it as a spare part? 

We have some place where we would like to stay with ePMP 1000, but we have ePMP 2000 which doesn't loose GPS signal, and ePMP 1000 which does, in the same place, so a new GPS puck would solve this issue.

I already tried updating to 3.3-RC14, but it didn't solve.

Thank you!

I think that the 2000's and possibly some 1000's ability to recieve GLONASS is a function of the GPS reciever in the radio, rather then the use of a new puck. There's a good thread about this HERE.



The GPS antenna for the ePMP2000 is supplied by Taoglas (Ulysses AA.162), so you should be able to buy it off the shelf.


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