New Higher Gain SM's

Hi.  In the Roadmap presentation a few month's ago, there was a new higher gain CPE shown.   I was searching back for it, but apparently...   the search-skills are weak with this one.  :(

So, is there any info on the new SM's or can someone point me towards that roadmap presentation. :)

You'd be looking for this thread -

Top result if you google "cambium epmp roadmap" ;)

Ahh perfect, thank you. I swear - I searched, but I must have over-complicated or confused (or misspeelled) something. :)

OK Cambium - since it's Q2 2017 now, is there any new news on the ePMP Force 120 SM?  :)

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Nothing has been changed, new SM will be introduced in Q2 2017.

Thank you.


OK. :slight_smile: Q2 is drawing to a close in a week… are we still on target with the Force 120? Our distributor hasn’t seemed to hear anything yet - unless he’s just hiding his hand. :slight_smile:

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So did these come out and I'm just not finding them anywere ? 

This place lists a Force 190 but I don't believe they have them in stock. Are these the new SM ?

Force 190

Geeze I hope not - that site says a 27 dB radio and a 22 dB antenna.  That's not a Higher Gain than the existing Force 200.  I hope I haven't been waiting for a higher gain SM to find out that it's actually a lower gain SM.

I'm guessing higher gain than the  Force 180 but smaller/lighter/cheaper  than a force 200. The post referenced above has a pic, from a presentation at WISPApalooza 2016 , of a force 120 and it appears to be the same thing , same specs as the force 190 on that site.

Maybe they figured out it doesn't exist, the link to the force 190 doesn't work anymore.

from my understanding, this was supposed to be a higher gain, but lower than the force 200 option to save massive amounts of money on shipping.  

Grrrr....    I had been asking Cambium about when we'd have a higher gain SM and I've been waiting for months.   GRRRR.   

It's probably my misunderstanding, but I was really hoping to have larger antennas, higher gain and to do everything we can to improve signal.

As wonderful as ePMP is (and it IS wonderful) we are also pulling down non-Cambium gear that has 24dBi-26 dBi antennas, and we're replacing them with 18-22dBi Cambium antennas.  So (to some degree) what we're gaining on ePMP just being magically wonderful, we are losing some of that in lower gain antennas.

Where are you seeing your limits with the force 200 SM's?  We are just putting up our first sector and excited to see.

Hi. We are just trying to maximize range, signal, coverage.  Basically - every time a client is connected at a -65 or -67 (even though they work fine) we're wanting them to be a -59 if they can be.

In our area, we have basically farm lank with mixed fields / trees - but just one house every couple miles typically.  So we are very spread out in most of our clients and I was understanding that this was going to be a ''new higher gain SM'' - so for us, that's exactly what we need.

We've been buying external antennas (22 dBi @ 2.4 ghz or 28 dBi @ 5Ghz) and those have been working OK when paired with a connectorized ePMP.

It's just cumbersome importing them, expensive, and not the same quality we'd likely get from a Cambium made antenna.  So - when they said 'new higher gain SM' I was thinking it'd be 4 or 6 dBi more than a F200 antenna or something along those lines.  I didn't realize that 'higher gain' meant 'higher than a F180'.