New HotZone equipment?

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At the WISPCon in Vegas recently, Motorola had a ‘sample/demo’ unit of the new HotZone equipment.

What is the status of this product? I am tasked with spec’ing out a new wireless hotspot covering an entire city, in a “MESH” environment. I know they recently purchased MeshNetworks, but I don’t expect results from that purchase to be incorporated into the canopy gear for some time. But that HotZone equipment was (at least I understood it was) almost deployment ready.

Anyone using or seen this HotZone equipment?

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Bill Danforth

PS - Thanks for the info on my previous topic on solar power. I will summarize that topic soon with the email’s I got that weren’t posted to this list (names revoced of course…)

We have been trying to get information from Motorola regarding this as well… specifically, the Mesh Networks products. There was a Moto Service Brief back in September, 2004 that detailed the Mesh Networks products, but so far I keep hitting a brick wall at Moto regarding this… no one seems to know anything about the specifics, pricing, etc. Very frustrating.

billd wrote:

Anyone using or seen this HotZone equipment?