New Linkplanner support remote mount and narrow channel size for PTP820

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from

The key features of V4.3.7 are:

New or changed features

  • Added support for PTP 820 Rel 8.2
    • PTP 820C and PTP 820S – Added 10 and 20 MHz bandwidths
    • PTP 820G – Added adaptive transmit power for ACM. Note that this will improve the availability of the lower modes for existing links planned with ACM, with up to 5 dB additional transmit power available at lower modulation modes. This feature is not available if the Maximum Mod Mode is set to 2048 QAM, to activate the feature set the Maximum Mod Mode to 1024QAM (light) or lower.
    • Removed support for 2048 QAM as a fixed mode and updated other allowed modulations.
      • Note when opening old projects which have modulation modes configured which are no longer valid a warning will be shown and LINKPlanner will adjust the project to the closest valid configuration. Please check your mod modes carefully if there is a warning when opening your project in this version.
      • Existing projects which have the Modulation Mode set to a Fixed mode of 2048 QAM will be converted to use Adaptive Modulation with the Maximum Mod Mode set to 2048 QAM
      • For smaller bandwidths or configurations that couldn’t previously use 2048 QAM, the maximum fixed mode is one lower than that available in Adaptive mode.
      • The lowest Maximum Mod Mode when using Adaptive modulation is 8PSK, to use QPSK please use the QPSK Fixed modulation option.
      • For PTP 820C when using any of the 2+0 link types with MC-ABC and the bandwidth is 7 or 14 MHz, if using adaptive modulation the lowest Maximum Mod Mode is now 64QAM
    • Updated XPIF and DFM parameters. In Release 8.2 some of the XPIF and DFM factors have been modified, which may slightly change the availability calculations for some modulation modes.
  • PTP 820
    • Added remote mount option and additional antennas
      • To use a remote mount antenna, please select the appropriate Remote Mount option in the Region and Equipment selection. This will modify the list of available antennas and change the BOM according to the antenna selected. Note that the BOM and required installation is different depending on whether an existing PTP 820 antenna is used as a remote mount or one of the additional antennas.
      • This gives access to dishes sizes greater than 6 ft at 6 and 11 GHz and additional Canadian compliant antennas.
    • Added new FCC regulations at 7 and 13 GHz
      • Note that this has slightly changed the default frequency band limits, which impacts the nominal center frequency of the band and will make a slight difference (e.g. ~ 0.1 dB) in the predicted path loss and hence the performance values. This can also affect PTP 800 and PTP 810 performance predictions in these bands.
    • Added new Canadian regulation at 8 GHz
    • PTP 820S – Added 7 and 8 GHz frequency bands
    • PTP 820G – Added 10 and 20 MHz bandwidths to 7 GHz NTIA regulation
  • ePMP
    • Added Force 200 at 5 GHz as SM and PTP options
  • PTP 650 – Release 01-41
    • Added Japan Low Power at 4.9 GHz
    • Added Australia at 4.9 GHz
    • Increased maximum range to 250 km
  • PTP 700
    • Added Australia at 4.9 GHz

Bug Fixes

  • Re-instated regional based optional extras on PTP 650
  • Fix bug that was duplicating BOM estimates when copying links
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