New Need help on Upgrading Firmware

I have a 5.2 GHz AES system that was put in, I think 2004. Nothing has been done to it. The SMs are software version 4.1.3. I have new Advantage APs that I am going to be installing. I have used the CNUT program to update my SMs from 4.1.3 -> 6.1 -> 7.0.7 -> 7.3.6. Now at software version 7.3.6, I do not have the “Hardware/Software” pick under the configuration page. I have a newer SM (7.0.7) that I upgraded to 7.3.6 that has it. The difference between the 2 is the FPGA version. Have no clue what that is. The version that has the “Hardware/Software” pick is verison 020305. The others that I am having problems with are version 051104. Can anyone please help. Thanks

Older Hardware boards (P8) do not have the option on the web administration page. However you can use CNUT to upgrade it.
its under TOOL > Advantage Platform Scheduler

I am running the External Tool: Configure Advantage Platform Scheduler. I am getting a Error : “FPGA File not available for this configuration” What do I need to do?


Which platform? You maybe need to upgrade the unit manually.

In cnut version 2. It would be under tools>Launch External Tool>(hit the dotted lines after command line)>Select CNUTHwScheduler.jar

Between P8 and P9 Moto changed the FPGA design and chips and P8 are not advantage capable. What cnut rev are you using? I assume 2 right?

you can also telnet / ftp to the radio with the correct jbi files and do a jbi -aprogram from telnet PM me if you need the files.

I used CNUT 1 to upgrade software from 4.1.3 to 7.0.7. Then installed CNUT 2 to upgrade to 7.3.6. When I run the CNUTHwScheduler.jar, that is when I get the ERROR: FPGA not available for this configuration. Sorry I am new to this stuff. Not sure what platform I am on. How can I find out? The SM started at SW version 4.1.3 and the FPGA version is 051104. Thanks


If you upgraded the software to 7.0.7 from 4.1.3 the radio has to either be P7,p8,p9 under the status page it should have platform P9 if a P9. If its a P7 or P8 I don’t think it shows anything.

This SM must be a P7 or P8. Under the Status page there is nothing about the “platform”. My new AP, I looked at it just to see and it is a P10. So with a older SM and a new AP, should I maybe think about upgrading the SM to a newer platform?


I take it the SM’s with the older FPGA version will not associate with the new AP?

Yes, that is correct. I have a FPGA version: 021605 SM here in the shop and it will register to the AP (P10) when in Hardware Schedule. The FPGA Version: 051104 SM would not let me change them to Hardware Schedule, whatever I did.

When you run CNUT on that SM - and you run the advantage platform scheduler - make sure you click on verify configuration. This will tell you if the SM is compatible with Hardware Scheduling. Some older P7 boards were this way.