New problems of ePMP1000

I am not sure if anyone faced the same problem.

Problem applied for ePMP 1000 connectorized only.
I got several device with same problem.


. Ethernet port speed automatically changed to 10 Full and can not be changed to 100 full duplex again.  

#Link remained functional with 10 M Full speed. (Not for all faulty device)

2. Can be accessed only by short cable.

3. LAN lakes more time than usual to UP.

# No visible  damage.
Actions  Taken:

1. Updating Firmware 
2. Soft & Hard reset
3. Manually changing port speed

sounds like ESD damage. 

did you use shielded cable and have you swapped the radio?

 we've seen this happen to a CPE at a customers home who experienced a very near lightning strike


Thanks Chris

I didn't use sheilded cable andI just replaced radio with a new one.

I think I've the same issue by lightning strike.  Rainy season is going on here.

What should I do now? RMO?

biggest thing to change is how you cable, grounding and shielding is extremely important for reliable operation. 
we use Shireen Ethernet cable
for shielded cable, its not to expensive and we’ve had a great experience with it. been through at least 50 boxes without trouble.    use shielded connectors (we use the UBNT brand) they work well and its a mechanical ground termination. 
next, Ethernet surge protectors are always good.   cambiums 600SSB is good for 100 meg Ethernet, don’t use it for gigabit especially if your sending POE down the gigabit line, bad things can happen.  
we use tycon in our cabinets. 
you can do an RMA, but technically that’s not covered under warranty (wasn’t installed occurring to the manual) 
the little extra money and time it takes upfront will go a very long way to reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with ethernet problems durring the storm season,    we’ve got thousands of radios deployed, its rare we see ethernet trouble anymore,  years ago we didn’t use shielded cable, and those customers are almost always the units getting hit (our old pmp100 subs)  and we replace the cable while we are there. 


Thank a lot Chris for your time and valuable suggestion.

Its really helpful for me as well as other user too. We are really struggling  with ethernet issue in rainy season.
Can you provide any complete diagram plan or anything by which I can get a clear idea what procedure should take for Top- bottom(Tower-device-PC)  side to minimize ethernet/ port burn (most cases) issue. Specially tower side for lighting issue with min costing.

As 1000 series has built in surge protector, do i need for 600SSB? If so why?

Thanks in Advance