New QoS features in 15.2 FW

Does anyone have an example of how they are utilizing SM Priorities and/or WFQ in their network, along with the other QoS mechanisms like burst and sustained speeds and low/high priority queues?

It seems like great stuff that should enable us to better manage congestion and speed tiers, but it's almost like we have too many knobs to twiddle now.  I can't wrap my head around it.

I'm not sure if high priority SMs should be business vs residential, or those on more expensive plans, or something else, like actually charging for priority.  Also not sure how modulation and airtime factors into this.  I would certainly want to avoid giving tons of airtime to a sub at 1X or 2X.

Good questions Ken... we're always being asked for more knobs and levers.  In my opinion, Cambium provides more than ANYONE I have ever looked at (maybe too many!).

In any case, there is a good video and mini-training course available that covers these features in detail:

I know it's a bit of work, but if you're interested in taking online courses, you will need to create a Cambium Learning user ID.

After that, look for the 15.2 course... it's only about 10m long, and covers most of these questions.

I would also encourage any other folks actually using these new features to post how they are using them, and how it's working for them.