New SM Prioritization and WFQ Missing on PMP450m w/15.2.1

Hey folks, do you know why the new SM prioritization and weighted fair queuing would be missing on a PMP450m AP running 15.2.1? Were these features not added to the 450m line? Thanks!


You are right, Eric. SM Prioritization and WFQ are not supported by PMP450m.


The main reason is that the grouping algorithm will get screwed up when trying to factor these other features in... we are looking at the potential of including them in the future though.


Hello Matt,

Do you have any idea when SM prioritization will be available on CNMedusa?

No, while we are investigating this, it has not landed in a specific release as yet. 450m scheduling as is, does a very good job of rendering these particular features unnecessary... so far, putting these in results in poorer overall performance.  That said, we continue to look at it.