New Software Release - PTP600 10-00

We are pleased to announce the released of our latest software for the PTP 600 Series of radios as follows:-

PTP 600 - 10-00

And our first release as Cambium Networks
Notable Features of PTP 600 - 10-00 :

• Login Information – addition of security notices
• Password change at first login
• Authenticated SNTP
• Secure RADIUS
• Simplified service type and authentication role in RADIUS accept
• Access Control lists
• Network layer (Layer 3) Quality of Service
• Comprehensive logging of all configuration changes
• Additional region codes for PTP 48600 and PTP 49600 (UK Home office & ETSI Broadband Disaster Relief Band)

We also have made some software enhancements in this release.

Full details are in the release notes and user manual.

How to Obtain: The software package is available from our website below.

follow the links to “Point to Point” -> “Software Updates”

Please do not hesitate to contact the Cambium Networks Technical Support center if you require any further clarification. Contact detail can be found here

Julian Kemp

I want to upgrade my PtP45600 from version 9.10 to 10.0. I have registered and tried to validate my software download with my link MAC address but this does not seem to work. Please can you help me?

Hi Phil

We are happy to help - I will contact you via private message.

Julian Kemp
Customer Support Manager

I upgraded to 10-4 from 8-03 and what I had setup before with SNMP no longer reads RF receiver power level. I did an SNMPWALK and am unable to find this OID. Does it still exist?


The SNMP tree is provided in the ZIP file included with the software

The OID’s may have changes when we changed from Motorola to Cambium.