New to 450i 900Mhz Need Guidance

We recently moved to Cambium from UBNT because of the 900Mhz issues Ubiquiti was having. We have a rural housing development area that has 32 homes in it and all want broadband. Moderate trees but nothing terrible. Currently we have 13 connected. Most homes shoot through 1 to maybe 2 trees back to the AP/Sector. (120 degree). Again, new to Cambium and trying to get out heads wrapped around everything it can do. (Way more than Ubiquiti.).

We were having SMs having session drops quite regular until we turned all the SMs power levels down. We are still having issues with random SMs session drops, major fluctuations in modulations and some subs are complaining of poor upload speeds.

All devices are on 16.2.2
AP is on a KP Performance 13dB 120 Sector
Output power is at 23

All other settings we left as is when we set it up.

Things were working pretty good until we kept adding more SMs onto the AP.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hello Chappy,
Would you also the signal received by your clients/AP from the link status?

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

I have never used 900mhz in 20mhz channel. Do you have zero interference?

We usually use 7mhz or 10mhz. What type of throughput do you need? Were you using UBNT 900 in 20mhz?

Morning! We moved to 10mhz and that fixe our issue of SM’s re-reg. Now our issue is: We power cycled the AP last night due to network changes and now we can’t get a LAN connection to the radio. It is sub-zero here so we are wondering if that has anything to do with it… ?