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Hello everyone.

Im wanting to do a wifi deployment for a Pow wow (First Nations Dance) with 6 Cnpilot E700 outdoor access points for a weekend. We got fiber to the site with a gig of bandwidth. Mikrotik media converter makes the fiber into an ethernet connection with a public IP.

My question is do these Cnpilot E700 APs provide the DHCP for a /21 and do they do NAT or will i need a separate router to set up NAT and DHCP for these access points to work?

Im trying to set it up with as little equipment as possible.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. This will be the first time i tried to do wifi for a large event. We are expecting around 700 to 900 people per day. Not sure what would be a good lease time as not everyone will be there all day or connected all day.

Im thinking a VIP paid network for an 8 hour lease and free wifi with some speed limits and maybe a 2 hour lease?

Hi Gerald, sounds like reasonable lease times. Are you using cnMaestro to manage these APs, if not how will you be managing/configuring the APs? Lastly, are you configuring a separate tagged VLAN for your SSIDs or is the wireless client traffic going to be on the same vlan as the APs’ mgmt traffic?

Doesn’t he need a router for that job?

As for the paid access… I don’t know Cambium’s abilities with that.

My DHCP Leases are usually set under 2 hours when I am dealing with guests who come and go. They can always query the DHCP server again.

But as stated above… I have no experience with Cambium and paid access.

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A router would probably be a good idea. That way the router can dole out DHCP addresses from a single pool and handle all NATing. Otherwise each AP will have its own DHCP pool and handle NATing which is not a good scenario for clients roaming between APs. They won’t be able to renew their DHCP address upon a roam so lease time doesn’t matter and will lose all connectivity until they pull a new DHCP address and restablish connections. That’s what I am thinking.

I concur … I feel so smart when I say that :slight_smile:

How many WAPs are you planning to use?
How big a space is this?
How many ACTUALLY CONNECTED clients are you expecting to have (at the same time)?
How much bandwidth do you have for this?

Ill be using cnmaestro. and a separate tagged VLAN for mgmt and client traffic for sure.

6 APs.
the space is a large outdoor circle. 30 feet out around the circle is where the vast majority of people will be. There will be a good amount about 200 feet out around the circle that ill be using 2.4ghz for. The rest ill be forcing 5ghz on. Im expecting 400 to 500 at the same time with much more roaming and connecting periodically. i have just over 1gb of bandwidth available for this.