new to network management

I am sort of new to running a WISP. I have 11 customers so far and am looking to do some network monitoring and bandwidth usage monitoring. I have very little funds at this point in the game to spend on software however Ill do what I have to do.

I do have intermapper to monitor who up and whos down. I am now looking for software to monitor which sm is hogging bandwidth and also to print out monthly reports.

Any sugestions on what software to use? I have read a little about cacti and other netflows software however I dont have and netflow capable hardware. All of my customers have linksys wrt54gl routers and I dont have a cisco at my head end.

What is prism? Any help would be great appreciated.


You can do all that with Cacti.

If you have little linux knowledge I would go a bit of research on CactiEZ. A quick google search should bring up an iso download

Then do another search for cacti and canopy. I was posting in there when I originally got mine setup and I updated all the templates to work with newer canopy versions (8.2.7 and 9)

Then what I would suggest is get some cheap hardware and run esxi on it so you can host multiple machines off the same box and run cactiez with those templates. All you need to do is setup your SM’s with a public address (We use the 172.17.. range) and then tell cacti to add each device IP and a SNMP string and you’ll have monitoring setup. It looks like this when all is said and done

Good luck.