New to the site & Canopy with an important ?

Hello, I’m new to both Canopy and your forum. We have a Canopy 5.7GHz 30 Mbps Backhaul.

Software version is 5845-07-00, Hardware version is D05-R08-I.

We are trying to use it as a long distance wireless link to a cell site. The data being sent is time critical and we seem to be right on the edge of what latency our cell equipment can tolerate.

With an 8.6 Mbps link we see an average ping time of about 8.6 msec, about 1 msec of that is other equipment, so 7.6 msec is just in the wireless backhaul. This is the best ping time we could achieve running in low latency mode. Is there some way to reduce the latency? If we could get a few milliseconds back it would help quite a bit. Or do you believe that most of this latency is in modulation/demodulation of the wireless signals and there is nothing that can be done.

I would appreciate any insight into how we might reduce the latency.

Thank you


7.6 ms looks very good in this industry.

It’s also very good for todays digital cell sites, but if you need wire speed then you need a full duplex radio or FDD.

FDD Radios will give you 10 microseconds delay plus about 6 us per miles, Say you have a 50 mile link using FDD, then you would have about 40us delay total.

Remember these radios are half duplex, they transmit and receive in the same frequency. RF has gone a long way, switching to transmitter, receiving, decoding, buffering, receiving the new packets, again,and again. all in less than 10 ms!

Ah!, the specs on the BH30 is 7ms,you are asking for a few milliseconds less!

if you got the money use spectra… that will give you sub ms latency

Thanks for the replies. I guess what bothered me was the fact that the other components in this system introduced less than 1 msec of latency combined. Then, we hit the canopy system and it introduced 7 times that. It just seemed excessive. Ultimately, this technology may not be good enough to do what we want. We need a LONG distance link with very low latency. Either that or we need to change our paradigm regarding how we engineer the system.

Thanks again

P.S. Which version of Spectra will lower our latency? Will the lite version do it. Also, we currently have Gemini lite 5.8. Would an upgrade possibly help?

If you will run version 7.1.4 it will give you a 3ms latency time, 7.2.9 or 7.3.6 will cause an increase

If you will run version 7.1.4 it will give you a 3ms latency time, 7.2.9 or 7.3.6 will cause an increase

Clueless, you are looking at the wrong bachauls. The software you mentioned is for Motorola Canopy. They are talking about the Motorola/Orthogon OFDM radios.

oops, Thus the name clueless :oops: