New topic in bold

Hi, it's possible set New topic never read in bold (as it was in the old forum)?

Currently it is too difficult, at least in the desktop view, to see quickly what has already been read and what is not.

Please, take this request seriously, which would help everyone!  :)


For all intents and purposes, the forums have been broken and unusable for me since November. Maybe nobody has noticed, but I'm basically not participating in the forums anymore, except for threads I subscribe to and get a notification when there's a new message.

Other than that, I don't know how to keep track of what posts I need to check out of the 10's of 1000's of posts - so I'm basically not even participating in the forums anymore.  I don't say this to harp on the subject, but it has occured to me that maybe it's working for Cambium employees on a test server and it's just broken for me.  Or maybe I'm not making the issue clear (or not making the severity of the issue clear).  It is (esentially) broken in my opinion. At least for me, at least for my working style and my memory ability. 

Hi, yesterday I added an 'Unread Posts' module to the lower right corner of the Community home page. Let me know if that helps. I'll check and see if there's a way to bold them too.

Hi, sorry about that. I added an 'Unread Posts' module to the lower right corner of the community home page. Can you have a look there and see if that is helpful to you.

Hi Garrison, 
the form you entered is not very useful because it shows all the posts of the forum and many don't interest me because they are post of products that we do not even have (EPMP 2000, SUB 6GHZ, Customer Stories ...)...

It could be useful to insert a kind of flag (as in the picture below, on the left) for posts never opened.

Risultati immagini per forum post unread

Thank you for the attempt. I do not want to be annoying but the change from the old to the new forum has been, for what concerns me, only brought problems.

I agree in general the new forums have been a resounding failure for desktop users.

I've taken to exclusively using the Latest Topics and going through the pages of new posts since I was last on the forums to track issues and other relevant info... there is indeed no visual indicator for what is unread on these pages either but it is at least tolerable compared to the actual forum home pages themselves.

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