Newbie 900 setup - 1st time with questions...

Hello all, I am quite familiar with dial-up isp stuff, but not so much with wireless (learning as I go). My company has decided to embark on the wireless ISP adventure.

So, we have everything mounted and ready hardware wise. For the time being, I am using 192.168.x.x for everything (for testing and trial runs). My backhaul is up and running - I can access the APs from my remote PC with no probs.

Here is my problem: getting the 1st SM to “associate” and pass data.

How do I set the networking information on the SM and the users PC? I have a DHCP server setup and running. I can “see” the AP with the SM configuration screen. I cannot, however, get everything set so that web pages will display. Is there a setting I am missing on the APs? I can’t seem to get this all set correctly so that the IPs are issued and everyone is happy…

I really want to set this up so future expansion will be easy, and security will be strict. I will be using off the shelf routers or direct connect the SM at the customers PC.

Please bare with me - this is somewhat new to me, so any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

One other thing: The CMM box is obviously running. I cannot, however, ping it or access the config page for it. ?

Have you read the manual?

jakkwb wrote:
One other thing: The CMM box is obviously running. I cannot, however, ping it or access the config page for it. ?

Did you plug a cable into one of it's non-powered data ports and try pinging it ( IIRC)

This brings back a lot of scary first moments. Good Luck read the manual

As stated above, but worth repeating. You and anyone else who will be working with the equipment should read the manual, maybe 2 to 3 times. It will give you the basis you need.

Ok… not sure if anyone mentioned reading the manual… but I would start there. :idea: :twisted:

Thanks for all the input. I have read the manuals several times - it just was not working at all.

Well, turns out - one of my three LAN cables going up to my APs was bad. I didn’t think it would have that much of an effect on the whole system!

Anyway, everything is running great now. I have my first SM online and running.

Thanks everyone,


I didn’t read any thing close to that in your question. Glad you have it up and running

a small update -

I now have 3 users running “test accounts” for me. They are all within 4 miles of my tower. The thing is - they all run indoor with great performance! This gear is awesome!

Just for the record - we went out about 8.5 miles from tower. I stood up out of the car door and aimed a stock MaxRad. We got an acceptable signal without hardly even trying!

This link was completely over two small towns, some trees and farmland.

This forum is great and has helped me tremendously. Kudos to Jerry who is the Moto Guru - your posts are always informative.


Glad to hear you got it running.